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How to Order

Using Our Website

Activate Your Account, and Start Shopping!
If it's your first time using our site, start by clicking the LOG IN button on the upper right of your screen, and choose CREATE AN ACCOUNT to get started. Even if you're already a customer of The Beguiling, you will still need to create a webstore account in order to shop online with us.

Once you receive your confirmation email from our site, you're ready to set up your account. If you have shopped with us in person or via phone or email before, we use the info you provide when you sign up to match your webstore account to your existing file.

After you've set up your new account (or for returning customers, once you've logged in), you can browse and shop using our lists of recommendations. Or enter keywords in the white box at the top of the screen to search directly for specific titles. Build your order by adding titles to your cart.

Submitting Your Quote Request
Once you've selected the titles you're interested in, choose the shopping cart icon near the upper right-hand edge of the screen to review your list and make any final changes. Please note that any shipping charges (if applicable) will be calculated and added once our booksellers receive your request.

You can select either the "Proceed to checkout" button or the "Request a quote..." button to submit your order. Simply follow the prompts that follow and your request will be sent to our team.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Every order placed on our site is sent to our team, who will follow up with a final quote via email before shipping. There is currently no option to enter credit card information directly into our webstore, but don't worry: we accept credit cards and lots of other payment types too! Check out our payment information here.

Collection Development

Our team is drawn from a variety of backgrounds from the book industry to academia and professional librarianship who all share a passion for comics as a medium. Most importantly though, we read them! As we work with you to choose the best comics for your library, The Beguiling Library Services staff will provide you with recommendations and suggestions that are first-hand, honest and informed. Our expert team has compiled many lists of recommendations to help illustrate for new clients the range of what is available in the comics and graphic novel market.

In addition to our curated lists, we are happy to provide consultations to determine the needs of your collection and the scope of your collection development goals. New customers can fill out our New Customers Form to help us determine the needs of your collections project (budget, curricular requirements, etc.) and any pertinent demographic details related to the order, such as target age group and/or type of library. We have extensive experience helping libraries build their comic and graphic novel holdings from the ground up and can easily accommodate specific goals (e.g. a focus on books for reluctant readers, graphic novels with diverse protagonists, books to help with English or French language learning, comics that boost circulation).

Starting Your Graphic Novel Collection
Beginning a collection is something we have done many times, but we still find it helpful to start with a list of the comics and graphic novels already present in your library. The more we know about the specific needs and niches of your collection, the better we can introduce you to this exciting form of literature and visual art. Our prominence and longevity in the market has led to our developing unique relationships with a number of premier publishers, enabling us to stay aware of publishing plans and schedules. Familiarity with our product extends beyond content to publishing methods and the quality of printing and binding. Working with us, librarians can stay informed of poorly made editions, unable to withstand the handling popular titles receive in public library systems.

“Impossible to Find”? Maybe Not!
Our lists and recommendations tend to focus on trade paperback editions, although we keep all available hardcover and deluxe format editions in stock as well. Due to the length of time we’ve been in business and our openness to all aspects of the comics market, we have become an excellent source of out-of-print books, so please don’t hesitate to inquire about a title other retailers may describe as impossible to find.

Online Ordering
As an alternative to our personalized curatorial services, our easy-to-use webstore and curated booklists offer librarians and educators the opportunity to create their own custom order online.

Quotes & Order Confirmation
Once we have worked with you to determine the goals of your collection project, we will create a quote that provides all the pertinent details of your order, including ISBN, price, and discount information. Once the quote has been approved, we will confirm your order and send you a formalized invoice with an individual invoice number for your records.


Our graphic novel experts are available to speak at professional development days and conferences. With expertise in graphic collection development, comics advocacy, special collections, manga, and integrating comics with curriculum, we can provide or participate in a variety of sessions in a variety of formats, from formal talks to roundtables to show-and-tell booktalks.

We’re eager to share our knowledge and to build appreciation for comics in schools and libraries! Depending on the location, audience, and other factors, we are sometimes able to provide these sessions free of charge, though travel costs or speakers fees do sometimes apply. If you’re interested in bringing in one of our experts for some professional development, please reach out to Andrew at with details.

Cataloging Services


Cataloging Services are provided by our in-house Library Technician who works to supply libraries of all sizes with shelf-ready books for their graphic novel collections. We recognize that every library is different and our cataloging services can be customized to fit your library's needs to ensure that our books can be seamlessly integrated into your collection.

What services do we provide exactly? For one, MARC records are available for any book we sell! We customize the fields you need and all records are RDA formatted and sent in a single file for you to upload to your system. Additionally, books can processed to your specifications, including barcodes, spine labels and reinforcement, dust jacket covers, genre stickers, and more! Tell us what you need and have your books arrive ready for circulation.

Email for more information on how you can get records and shelf-ready books on your next order!

Shipping & Back Orders

Shipping times and rates vary based on a variety of factors, including your location, the size of your order, and any existing contracts or agreements between The Beguiling and your institution. In all cases, shipping costs will be estimated after checkout on this site, when we send you a quote.

In general we do our best to keep shipping costs as low as possible. In most cases we ship via Canpar, which delivers next-day to the GTA, and within a few business days to most locations in Canada. For some remote communities in Canada, and for international shipping, our usual carrier is Canada Post. If you would like more information about specific shipping rates and delivery timelines for your order, please let us know via email once you receive your quote.

If your order does not arrive within the expected timeframe, please email us here with your order details, so we can track your shipment.

Back Orders
Not every book is in stock every day of the year. In order to ensure that you have access to the widest possible selection every day, rather than cancel orders for out-of-stock items, we occasionally may instead back-order them, to be shipped at a later date. Unless otherwise instructed, we will follow our standard back order policy, as detailed below. If our regular backorder procedure doesn't work for you - no problem! Just let us know how you'd like to manage things and we'll take care of it.

Standard Back Order Policy

  • Regular stock items and other in-print, available titles that are not in stock when your order is picked will not be charged on your initial invoice, and will be listed as "back ordered"
  • Any out-of-print or delayed items that are not in stock when your order is picked will not be charged on your initial invoice, and will be listed as "canceled"
  • Back orders usually arrive in two to four weeks, depending on the distributor
  • We usually hold back all the books until your back orders are 100% in stock, and send a single back order shipment with a new invoice
  • In most cases we assume that back orders which have arrived within approximately four weeks of the initial order are approved to ship, and will not contact you for a second approval
  • In case of a delay or availability issue, we may need to contact you to confirm your back orders

Other Options
If our standard back order process doesn't work for you, please let us know how you'd like us to manage any out-of-stock situations for your order. For example, many institutions make the following types of requests:

  • Hold all books until we can ship a single, complete order
  • Only provide a quote for in-stock items (i.e. no back orders needed) **NB this can severely limit your selection
  • Cancel all back orders not received by a certain date (you specify the cut-off date)
  • Bill the entire order up-front in a single, complete invoice; ship any back orders at any time
  • Make thoughtful substitutions for any titles that would have to be back-ordered (i.e. no back orders, but some titles may differ from your original quote)
Just let us know what you need, and we'll make it happen!


Questions about Your Back Orders?
If you have questions about the status of your back orders, send us an inquiry at and we'll get back to you right away!